Providing Services in the Comfort of Your Home


Our caregivers specialize in care and daily living assistance to an array of individuals. Whether you need daily or weekly assistance due to aging, illness, recovery, or rehabilitation, our care givers will provide an individualized service that you can trust.
We understand that not one care plan fits all. Daily services can include anything from meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, and supervision. We will take the time to get to know you and develop an individualized care plan that fits your specific needs.

Qualified Professionals

Qualified Professionals are responsible for setting up PCA services with clients. They help develop the care plan and assist in training, supervision and evaluation of services.

Direct Support Professionals

Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), are the backbone of Dazzelle PCA, providing professional, compassionate care to our clients at home and in their communities.

Home Health Aides

Home Health Care consists of medical and health-related services and assistance with day-to-day activities in the home. Accra offers these services to maintain the safety and security of the client in the community. Home Health Care options with Dazzelle PCA include professional nursing services, home health aide services, homemaker, and rehabilitation services.

RN Case Managers

Our RN Case Managers plan, organize, direct and provide homecare services to clients in our Home Health Program.


You can become a caregiver by taking PCA/CFSS Online Training Certificate