Personalized Quality Care Services

Provided in the comfort of your Home

Who We Are

We believe that quality homecare can be the foundation for a better healthcare system that meets the needs of all Minnesotans. Home Health Care consists of medical and health-related services and assistance with day-to-day activities in the home.

Our mission

Our Mission is to provide the absolute best personalized quality care to meet the need of each individual client. We provide care to make our clients feel better in the comfort of their homes. Our caregivers are supportive and experienced.

Our vision

To provide individual centered care that delivers personalized care in the home to better meet the needs of those served by the current healthcare system. To improve lives of our clients by providing individualized homecare services and support, safety and effectively promote their independence in a home environment.


Dazzelle PCA offers services to maintain the safety and security of the client in the community. Home Health Care options with Dazzelle PCA include professional nursing services, home health aide services and homemaker Services.

Our services include many different varieties of support for people of all ages with disabilities and older adults living at home in their community. Let us help you figure out which service is right for you and how to get qualified.



At Dazzelle PCA, our fully screened and certified care professionals are available to assist with daily activities that require a little more hands-on, personal support like personal hygiene, feeding, and ambulation. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team is committed to delivering on our promise of a personalized quality care services.


Daily household activities and chores can become difficult for older adults with age or injury. Homemakers assist clients with household activities when the primary caregiver or family member who typically provides these services is unable to manage the activities or temporarily absent. Homemakers may monitor the person’s well-being while in the home, including home safety. Homemaking services are provided by trained professionals.


Our clients receive personal, in-depth assessment conducted by our Directors of Nursing that, among other things, consider their condition, personality, and environment. We then put that knowledge to use, creating an individualized plan of care that meets our clients’ unique physical and emotional needs – a plan that strives to not only improve their health, but enhance their quality of life. We quickly modify a client’s plan of care as their needs evolve.